Three Tulips — Vines Botanical Gardens

One of the issues I struggle with on this blog is just how many pictures from a single shoot to post. Because of the way I shoot, I often get several good photos of the same subject. Even though each image has a different composition or feel to it, I don’t want to risk boring people by posting too many similar images. Usually, I will just choose one shot to represent the whole shoot, rather than posting everything. Sometimes, I’ll post a few, especially if the first image gets positive feedback, but usually I only post one, which means a lot of good images end up just sitting in my archive. Going through the archives this weekend I found this shot from back in March, and thought it should be shared.

These are some of the same tulips as these: Tulip Silhouette.

2 thoughts on “Three Tulips — Vines Botanical Gardens

  1. Completely different feel. As if not even the same subject. I understand you wanted to keep posts to a minimum, but you know i am looking for a three picture group of those trees in the surf.

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