Icy Roads

Icy Roads
Another shot of me shooting in the dark, while it was still snowing, just to be sure I got some photos of it before it was gone. Incidentally, 24 hours later the only snow that remained within this frame, was some scattered patches in the field behind the trees. The forecast for tonight says another 1-2" of accumulation, but I won’t be holding my breath.

4 thoughts on “Icy Roads

  1. my twisted little mind was looking for the red taillight lines leading to a car embedded in a tree…


    Love the shot.

  2. You know that's not too far from the truth. Nobody wrecked while I was shooting, but by the next day there was a 100 yard patch of ice in that curve. There was one car abandoned off the side of the road and it looks like at least a couple other cars had left the road there.

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