Ragged Eaves

Ragged Eaves
An abandoned building in Maysville, Georgia. I’m sure this would make a great black and white image, but I’m finding more and more that even the simple colors in this image create more emotional impact for me, than does black and white.

3 thoughts on “Ragged Eaves

  1. I dunno, It almost seems to me you're trying too hard on the abstractness. Sometimes it IS ok to just take a photo of an old barn. I don't know that I really believe the hype about photo cliches.

  2. This photo was shot during an outing with my photography group. There were probably seven or eight people standing around shooting the same barn, so I was trying to avoid having a shot that looked like everyone else in the groups. I did take some more traditional (cliché?) shots of the barn, but none of them turned out very well.

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