Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple
It looks like I had to travel all the way around the world to get this image. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to travel, but this spectacular building is right in my own back yard. This is a Hindu Temple that has been built in my hometown (less than three miles from where I grew up). It’s not quite complete, as you’ll see in some of the upcoming photos, but it is gorgeous nonetheless, and could easily become one of my favorite photography destinations. For more information on the temple, read the  story on NPR covering the Temples Official Opening.

5 thoughts on “Hindu Temple

  1. Thanks all for the comments. This place is incredibly beautiful, so my job in photographing it was fairly easy. Even with the construction going on and despite its location, the temple grounds are quite peaceful.

    Michael, unfortunately, I don't have a polarizing filter that fits this lens. This was achieved using two separate color corrections in Photoshop: one for the sky and another for the temple.

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