High Water at Minnehaha

This Saturday I helped lead a trip to Minnehaha Falls, in the Chattahoochee National Forest. In the morning the weather looked perfect, with nearly overcast skies, but relatively low chance of rain until the afternoon. As luck would have it, the low chance of ran was still enough to get us thoroughly soaked. The rain came down quite heavily for most of the time we were at the waterfall, making it quite difficult to keep the lens free of image distorting rain drops. My new friend Lew, was a great help with his umbrella, but there was only so much we could do. This shot and yesterdays are about the only two images from the trip worth keeping. The water was spectacular though, I’ve never seen it quite that high, and with a couple more days of rain since then, I can imagine it’s only gotten higher. We have more rain forecast for the rest of the week, so I think this weekend will be great for waterfalls in North Georgia.

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