Dillard House Fireworks I

Dillard House Fireworks I

I’m not sure why Rabun County hates America, but they don’t celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July. They can apparently only make time for America on the weekends, so all of the big time fireworks displays in the county were done on the 5th this year. These fireworks, and the next few that follow were part of the Dillard House display on the 5th, as viewed from the deck of my mother-in-law’s house.

This was the first year in the house for the fireworks, so I wasn’t quite sure where to focus. Because the Dillard House was about 3 miles away, I had set the focus to infinity. Once the fireworks started I had to recompose, because I had misjudged where they would be. in the processes of changing things around, I apprently messed up the focus, so I’m not exactly pleased with the way these turned out. I did learn a lot for next year.

And who knows, maybe next year we’ll get to see fireworks on the Fourth, it will be a Saturday.

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