Confederate Daisy — aka Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy

Confederate Daisy -- aka Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy

My wife and I went to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday. We didn’t see any of the namesake flowers at the festival, so we drove around the park until we found some.

The "Confederate Daisy," or "Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy," grows in the shallow soil on the granite outcrops of Stone Mountain. The flower is so named because it is found only within a sixty-mile radius of the mountain.

Note: I’ve been told it looks like the flower is lying in the snow. It is in fact granite. 

4 thoughts on “Confederate Daisy — aka Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy

  1. It is absolutely beautiful. Really. I also appreciated your blog comments. I put you in a different section on my blog roll. I couldn't quite fit this amazing place, anywhere.

    I was also impressed you knew it was "wordpress"=

    Caused me pause, smarty!

  2. The Confederate Daisy I planted this spring is just starting to bloom, so I searched the web for images and information. I came across this photo and was struck by its beauty. I love the colors and contrast of textures. Framing the flower in granite is fitting and lovely, and I’m glad my daisy led me to your blog.

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