Callaway Skink

Callaway Skink
Here’s a little something different. While I was shooting some Mountain Laurel (check next week) this little guy scurried across the trail right next to me. Then he ran under some leaves and out into the sun. He stopped for a moment to bask in the sun, and I was able to get this shoot off before he ran further into the bushes and out of sight. I was shooting the mountain laurel macros, so I didn’t have time to readjust my settings for a non-macro shot. It was a cool moment, and I thought this photo captured it nicely.

5 thoughts on “Callaway Skink

  1. You got a nice shot of him Marcus. I just worked on a book for a University, that was reptiles of North Carolina, and I can't believe how many different varieties of these little guys there are. Great exposure. Nice and sharp too! 🙂

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