Bad moon rising

Bad moon rising
Last Tuesday the moon looked really cool, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and spent quite a while trying to get a decent exposure of the moon. I knew there wasn\’t much in the foreground to make the shot very interesting, but I thought it would be good practice just to get out and experiment. Well, after about an hour I came back in and started going through the photos and not a single one came out properly exposed. Every shot was bad, and I ended up telling my wife that I couldn\’t get a decent shot of the moon to save my life. This failure prompted me to do a little research on techniques for photographing the moon, so I would be ready the next time an opportunity came along. As it turns out, \”next time\” ended up being the following night. I managed to get several decent shots with the moon properly exposed.

One thought on “Bad moon rising

  1. this may be one of your most amazing photos yet. it would be awesome printed large and mounted on board/foam and hung on a wire with no frame…you are phenominal

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