Rocky Mountain Sunset

When you’re deep in a canyon, with a mountain peak looming 4,000 feet above you, the sun sets around 2:00pm. Shortly after this shot was taken, the entire mountain was […]

Rocking Chair

This was shot from the living room of my mother-in-law’s house in North Georgia. Normally we would have been sitting out on the porch, but the heat this summer has […]

Devil\'s Pulpit

The rock in the foreground is called Devil\’s Pulpit. The Waterfall is the one in this shot, and the bridge is the same one in shots 116 and 117.

Tallulah Gorge

A view of the Sourthern End of Tallulah Gorge. According to the literature at the park, the only gorge in the U.S. deeper than Tallulah is the Grand Canyon.