Spooky Tree

A fitting tribute for October 13th I think. Shot at Vines Botanical Gardens, Gwinnett County Georgia.

Rainbow Over Emory

A rainbow I saw while driving in to work yesterday. It was still there after I parked, so I snapped a few shots as I walked to my office.

Morning Mist

This was shot from roughly the same location as yesterday’s shot, namely the deck of my mother-in-law’s house. Though, this one was shot early in the morning.

Apple on a Rail

This apple was nearly perfect. The color and the stem with the two leaves just seemed to embody exactly what one things of when you think of the word apple. […]

Yellow Poppy Blue Sky

This is the same yellow poppy as in this shot: https://invisiblegreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/20080602223112_yellowpoppysky.jpgindex.php?showimage=313 from a different angle.

Winter Sunset

My neighbor stood on her porch and watched me shoot these clouds. Looking in the direction my camera was pointed and wondering what I was shooting. Finally she asked and […]