Spencer and Hiccup

Spencer with his current favorite toy. Lately, when I try to take his picture, he insists on having me take a picture of hiccup first. Sometimes, those shots end up […]

Clinton II MMX

I’ve been playing with my Christmas presents, but haven’t really shot anything worth posting until this weekend. I finally got off my butt and went to the Athens Strobist Group […]

SRT Highkey

I’ve been wanting to do some high key shots for some time, but I had trouble figuring out what sorts of shots made the best candidates for this sort of […]

Marla Gonzalez

Marla is another one of the models that came out and let us photograph her while we practiced lighting setups. Something I’ve noticed while working on the shots from this […]

Tim Rogan

The Strobist Flickr Group I shoot with every month or so had another meetup this past Saturday in Commerce, Georgia. The models we’re running late, so we took turns shooting […]

HMT 10-10-2009-II

These last two shots I don’t think are quite as good technically as the two from earlier this week, but they are a better representation of my kids’ personalities.

HMT 10-10-2009

A shot of my daughter from our afternoon playing in the yard. Strobist: SB-600 with an Apollo micro softbox, hand held camera left at 1/2 power, triggered using Nikon CLS.

SRT 10102009

More shots of my kids. I spent Saturday afternoon playing in the yard with kids and snapping shots when it wasn’t my turn to kick or chase a ball. For […]


Two more of my favorite people. My lovely wife and our beautiful daughter. This was shot a little later than yesterday’s shot. Looking out over Rabun Gap at sunset. I […]

SRT 09272009

Another shot working with off camera flash. My main goal was to see if I could get a proper exposure of both the background and foreground, using a single flash […]

Clinton I

This weekend, Steve Skelton at [SSP]* Studios hosted a strobist meet in Athens, GA. This is one of the shots from the meet, and I hope to have more processed […]


My niece. This is one of the shots that I got last weekend, but couldn’t post until my sister-in-law had seen the shots. Now that she has seen them I […]

Golden Boy

On Saturday I took Spencer to the park. We had a great time. He played on the playground and chased gucks and geese, while I powered the swings, chased a […]

Spencer with Pretzels

This is the 400th photo posted to InvisibleGreen. I had intended to go out this weekend to shoot, in hopes of getting something profound for this post. I ended up […]

Carnival Guy with Cigar

Sorry I’m so slow getting today’s photo posted, I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours in bed fighting a bug. I’m feeling much better now so here’s another shot […]


My buddy Roman who I ran into (he’s ok) at the Braves Game a couple of weeks ago. You can see a reflection of me in his sunglasses.

Frozen Lemonade

At the Yellow Daisy Festival on Saturday we bought my son a frozen lemonade. He loved it, and is seen here trying to scoop out every last drop.


This weekend we took my son Spencer out on Lake Burton. He loved the boat ride, and really enjoyed getting in the lake and splashing around.

Berry Picking Monkey

My son Spencer, picking blackberries. He quite enjoyed picking them, and squishing them This was shot throught the blackberry vines. I removed some of the branches near his face with […]

My Girls Picking Berries

My daughter, my wife, and my wife’s aunt and cousin in the background. We went picking blackberries at a farm in Rabun Gap. This was shot with my camera resting […]

Shadow Chaser

My son loves to play games with his shadow. Mostly peek-a-boo. But when there’s enough room, a nice game of tag works too.


I don’t know the people that belong to these fingers. I was at a graduation party and this was a friend of a friend who saw some of my work […]


Now that we are home from the hospital, it seems a bit safer to display the photos that include the name of the hospital. This is my daugther Holly, asleep […]

Bubble Beard

This is my son taking a bath last night. He was having a lot of fun with the bubbles. The "bubble beard" was actually created when he would lay down […]

Number One Fan

My brother manages a band in Atlanta called At the End of All Things. I went to see their show on Saturday night and brought my cameras to see if […]