RNT Memorial Daffodil 2021

This year’s photo isn’t particularly exciting as far as photos go, but it still represents a significant effort, as I planted these daffodil bulbs last fall to take the photo […]

Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls, Toccoa Falls College, Stephens County, Georgia At 187 feet, Toccoa Falls is the tallest free falling waterfall in Georgia. Located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, it […]

Edisto Eclipse

This isn’t a particularly great picture, the only reason I’m posting is that I managed to capture a partial lunar eclipse as the sun rose over Edisto Island, SC. The […]

Holcomb Creek Falls MMXIII

  Another waterfall that I’ve tried on numerous occasions to photograph. A rainy weekend yielded nice soft light and high water to get a better results than I’ve ever had […]

Martin Creek Falls MMXIII

I’ve photographed this waterfall several times before, but have never been happy with the results. This time the water level and light were much better than they’ve ever been, and […]

Spring Star Flower

The Spring Star Flower (Ipheion uniflorum), one of the first flowers I see every spring. Always a happy reminder that it’s time to get back out and start shooting again.

Mill Creek Eddy

Mill Creek Eddy

About a year ago, I saw another photographer that had done a long exposure of an eddy like this with the cool swirls. Since then, I’ve been looking for just […]

Dwarf Iris

Yet another attempt to photography one of these tiny wild irises. I’m still not pleased with the background, but I definitely like this better than my last couple of attempts.

Pink Lady’s Slipper

Pink Lady's Slipper

A Pink Lady’s Slipper flower that I photographed while on a workshop in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We came across these on a hike back from another location, and […]

Wild Iris

Wild Iris

For the second time in as many weeks I found myself in the woods attempting to photograph wild irises.  I love these little flowers, but despite shooting dozens of photos […]

Panther Falls

Panther Falls

The Angel Falls trail in the Rabun Beach recreation area passes two waterfalls. Angel Falls, that I posted on Monday, is the second waterfall you’ll encounter and by far the […]

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Angel Falls in the Rabun Beach Recreation Area in Rabun County, Georgia. Photographed as part of my Easter morning sunrise worship service. The falls are several hundred feet tall, and […]

38/365 Button

365 -- Button -- Circle

Trying to get back on track with the 365. Today’s theme is button, so I photographed a couple of buttons in my car.

February Daffodil

February Daffodil

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the daffodils bloom this early. It’s the first week of February and I’ve seen a bunch of flowers that don’t usually bloom until the […]

25/365 Blue Flower

365 Blue Flower

25/365 Blue Flower.  Today’s theme was supposed to be “something you made”.  but about the only thing I make other than photos is dinner, and I completely forgot to take […]

24/365 Guilty Pleasure

365 Guilty Pleasure

24/365 — Theme: Guilty Pleasure This was intended to be a test shot to experiment with the light before I actually poured the coke. The light, however, ended up looking […]

19/365 Sweet

365 Sweet

19/365 Sweet A kiss is sweeter than wine, especially when it’s made with chocolate and caramel.

13/365 In Your Bag

365 In Your Bag

13/365 In Your Bag — I stared at both my work bag and my camera bag for quite a while trying to figure out how to get an interesting shot. […]

5/365 Something you wore

5/365 Something you wear

365 Project day five — Theme: Something you wore. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve always wondered how to setup the light for this shot, so after much experimenting, this […]

1/365 You (aka me)


My intent at the beginning of the year was to start taking a photo a day. I did that one day, then didn’t manage to take another photo for four […]

High Water at Minnehaha

This Saturday I helped lead a trip to Minnehaha Falls, in the Chattahoochee National Forest. In the morning the weather looked perfect, with nearly overcast skies, but relatively low chance […]

Spencer and Hiccup

Spencer with his current favorite toy. Lately, when I try to take his picture, he insists on having me take a picture of hiccup first. Sometimes, those shots end up […]

The Holdout

This is actually the same shot as the one from Friday, in a sense. They were both taken in the exact same spot, with the exact same subject, and completely […]

Minnehaha in Autumn

Minnehaha Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest, is one of my favorite waterfalls to photograph. Because it’s so close to my mother-in-law’s house, and only a short walk from the […]

>–Open –>

–Open –>” />Another detail shot from the North Campus Parking Deck at UGA, in Athens Georgia. Shot during Scott Kelby’s World wide Photowalk. 

Red, White, and Blue

Tulip magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora) flowers against a background of white star magnolia blossoms and blue sky. Shot at the Georgia State Botanical Gardens, in Athens, Georgia.

Summer Snowflakes

I was unable to find anything identifying these little flowers, and my google searches have turned up nothing. If you happen to know the name of these little guys please […]

Vines 02212010

A little bit of a break from the models. Sunday was a beautiful day, so I went out to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot. I didn’t […]

Icy Roads

Another shot of me shooting in the dark, while it was still snowing, just to be sure I got some photos of it before it was gone. Incidentally, 24 hours […]

Snowy Barn

Snow is quite rare in Georgia, and when we do see some it usually doesn’t last very long. Today we got several inches, but with temperatures in the 50s expected […]

Blood Mountain Creek Cascade

Sometimes light is unpredictable. I shot this cascade because the light around the little pool was this nice warm color. I setup the composition to catch the light, but didn’t […]

Blood Mountain Creek

I had initially visited this area in hopes of photographing 2-3 waterfalls on this creek. Unfortunately, closed roads, an unexpected hike, and treacherous terrain meant I would have to come […]

Clinton II MMX

I’ve been playing with my Christmas presents, but haven’t really shot anything worth posting until this weekend. I finally got off my butt and went to the Athens Strobist Group […]

SRT Highkey

I’ve been wanting to do some high key shots for some time, but I had trouble figuring out what sorts of shots made the best candidates for this sort of […]

Santa with Toys

I really love the quality of the light created by the tiny little Christmas lights, so as I sit in my living room I’m drawn to find something interesting to […]

Christmas Joy

I haven’t been out to shoot in over a week, so I decided to shoot some things around the house.

Sassafras Leaves

One of the cool things about sassafras trees is that they have three different shaped leaves. So I thought it would be really cool to get a photo of one […]

Dukes Creek Falls X

I didn’t get a chance to shoot any nature photos this weekend, so I’ve digging through the archives. This is one from my trip to Dukes Creek Falls in January. […]

Marla Gonzalez

Marla is another one of the models that came out and let us photograph her while we practiced lighting setups. Something I’ve noticed while working on the shots from this […]

Tim Rogan

The Strobist Flickr Group I shoot with every month or so had another meetup this past Saturday in Commerce, Georgia. The models we’re running late, so we took turns shooting […]

Carnivorous Orchid?

This orchid at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens looked like it could be carnivorous. The way the bottom petals formed a cup and held water reminded me a lot of a […]

Orchids with Leaf

This past weekend while looking for something to shoot I was running out of luck, so I went by an old standby, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I love the gardens […]

Two Yellow Leaves

Ok. Returning to my regularly scheduled subject matter. If you’re on Facebook, you can become a fan of InvisibleGreen at

Golden Mix

A shot of some yellow leaves for the Morrows.   Oh, and for the photographers out there, one of my favorite landscape/nature photographers, Jim M. Goldstein, is giving away a […]

Black Rock Sunset

A sunset as viewed from Black Rock Mountain State Park. Black Rock Mountain is touted as the Highest State Park in Georgia, and offers some very accessible views. The road […]

HMT 10-10-2009-II

These last two shots I don’t think are quite as good technically as the two from earlier this week, but they are a better representation of my kids’ personalities.

First Sign of Autumn

This is a maple tree in my front yard that has just recently started to change colors for the fall. Most of the tree is still quite green.

HMT 10-10-2009

A shot of my daughter from our afternoon playing in the yard. Strobist: SB-600 with an Apollo micro softbox, hand held camera left at 1/2 power, triggered using Nikon CLS.

SRT 10102009

More shots of my kids. I spent Saturday afternoon playing in the yard with kids and snapping shots when it wasn’t my turn to kick or chase a ball. For […]

Autumn Sunrise II

Walked out of my house on Friday morning to find the sky looking like this. For a brief moment I thought about being late for work, and not having anything […]


Two more of my favorite people. My lovely wife and our beautiful daughter. This was shot a little later than yesterday’s shot. Looking out over Rabun Gap at sunset. I […]

SRT 09272009

Another shot working with off camera flash. My main goal was to see if I could get a proper exposure of both the background and foreground, using a single flash […]

Clinton I

This weekend, Steve Skelton at [SSP]* Studios hosted a strobist meet in Athens, GA. This is one of the shots from the meet, and I hope to have more processed […]

Dragon*Con 2009 V — R2D2

I got to meet R2D2, he actually came up and said hi while I was taking his picture. Or at least that’s what I think he said, there wasn’t a […]

Spirit Train

The title of this photo is inspired by the Guadalcanal Diary song of the same name. When I shot this, the song got stuck in my head, and promptly returned […]

Big Dipper Over Rabun Gap

Ursa Major (aka the Bigger Dipper) in the sky above the town of Rabun Gap, Georgia.   If you’re viewing this via RSS and only see a thumbnail, there is […]

Final Frontier?

Bear with me. The summer heat, and a nasty cold, have taken their toll, and I haven’t been able to get out and shoot my usual subjects lately. I’ve taken […]

Red Day Lilies 2009

If you’ve followed for the last couple of years you will probably recognize these day lilies. I shoot them every summer when they bloom at my mother-in-law’s house.

L & N Locomotive 1616

I had big plans to get out and shoot this weekend, that ended up falling through. I ended up heading to the local botanical gardens to see if anything was […]

Dillard Fireworks I

This week, I’ll be posting some fireworks shots from the 4th of July. These were part of the Independence Day Display presented by the Dillard House, in Dillard, Georgia. Unlike […]

McDaniel Farm Barn

Gwinnett County Georgia really has some interesting parks. This is McDaniel Farm park, you’d never know it was there, because it’s situated behind a heavily developed area in Duluth, surrounded […]

Fungus in the Moss

A tiny little orange fungus I found growing in the moss along the banks of Ivy Creek, near the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center in Buford, Georgia.

GEHC Damselfly III

Yesteday’s dragon fly damselfly was quite skittish, and just barely hung around long enough for me to snap any shots. This one though seemed to notice me shooting and flew […]

GEHC Damselfly

While I was exploring the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, I noticed this guy gal flying around. I approached, but every time I took a step toward him her, she’d […]

Blackberries are Red When Green

Blackberries growing along the Ivy Creek Greenway, in Gwinnett County Georgia. Near the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.    Credit goes to my brother Michael for inspiring the title.

High Shoals Falls III

Waterfalls seem like such an obvious place to use HDR, since it’s nearly impossible to correctly expose for the smooth water effect and still get the rest of the shot […]

Birds of Paradise

When I walked past these flowers I thought, hey that looks like a bird. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person to think so. These flowers are called Birds of Paradise.


Another shot of just Murphy, the loggerhead sea turtle at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Not the best shot technically, but one I like despite the flaws.

Showerlux I

Given the lack of comments last week, people either felt the black and white shots last week were unremarkable, or they were so good they left people speechless. Anyway, on […]

Dodd Creek Detail I

My computer crashed last night just as I was about to re-size this for posting, and rather than wait to reboot and figure out why it crashed I decided to […]

Raven Cliff Falls

I got some very encouraging feedback on last week’s photos and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented, or sent me messages about that series. I have […]

Spring Draw

This week I’ll be featuring some shots from an urban exploring outing I went on with my photography group. This is an abandoned warehouse in downtown Atlanta.

Christmas Lights 2008

One of the houses in the neighborhood where my family spent Christmas. I didn’t have a tripod with me in Vermont, so this shot is a little blurry, but I […]

Vermont Snowy Pinecone

This isn’t the best shot in the world. Just the first grab shot I could get after spending all day flying from Atlanta to Burlington. I quite literally walked in […]

Marie's Christmas Bell

This is a red bell that used to adorn a wreath. The wreath was made by my wife’s grandmother Marie, who died two months before Laura and I got married. […]

White Christmas Dreams

I managed to get some free time tonight to get creative and was playing with some bokeh shaping techniques I’ve been meaning to try. As I am eagerly awaiting my […]

UGA Rosebud III

Another one from the archives. I was looking for something a little more Christmas-y, but given the near 70 degree highs in Georgia I thought something from the spring might […]


My niece. This is one of the shots that I got last weekend, but couldn’t post until my sister-in-law had seen the shots. Now that she has seen them I […]


One from the archives. This is a shot from Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk back in August. I participated in one of the Atlanta walks, and shot this.

Trahlyta Falls I

This one is very similar to the shot from last Monday. I did get to shoot this weekend, but didn’t get anything to post here. I may have a couple […]

Trahlyta Falls

Trahlyta Falls on Wolf Creek. Vogel State Park, Blairsville , GA.  Trahlyta Falls is fed from Lake Trahlyta, in Vogel State Park. Check out the Wikipedia Article on the Cheorkee […]

Arabia Mountain Sunset

I considered calling this shot, "bonehead mistakes", not because the shot turned out badly, but because so many of my other shots did. The last time I used my D70, […]

Golden Boy

On Saturday I took Spencer to the park. We had a great time. He played on the playground and chased gucks and geese, while I powered the swings, chased a […]

Chaos Theory

Like most things I shoot, I was drawn to the color contrasts in this scene. I’m not really happy with the lack of composition, but as many times as I […]

Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle

After spending the morning at Biltmore Estate the other weekend, I decided to take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see if the fall colors were any better. […]

Autumn Leaves 2008 I

Taking a break from the flowers at Biltmore, I thought we’d switch gears and do something a little more appropriate for the season, and the approaching holiday.

Spooky Tree

A fitting tribute for October 13th I think. Shot at Vines Botanical Gardens, Gwinnett County Georgia.

Rainbow Over Emory

A rainbow I saw while driving in to work yesterday. It was still there after I parked, so I snapped a few shots as I walked to my office.

Spencer with Pretzels

This is the 400th photo posted to InvisibleGreen. I had intended to go out this weekend to shoot, in hopes of getting something profound for this post. I ended up […]

Stack of Apples

I found this apple intriguing so I  took a lot shots of it, some turned out better than others. A few of them needed a little bit of extra work […]

Morning Mist

This was shot from roughly the same location as yesterday’s shot, namely the deck of my mother-in-law’s house. Though, this one was shot early in the morning.

Apple on a Rail

This apple was nearly perfect. The color and the stem with the two leaves just seemed to embody exactly what one things of when you think of the word apple. […]

Spinning Rides

Three of the spinning rides at the Gwinnett County Fair, the Ferris wheel, carousel, and another ride whose name escapes me. This is actually a composite of two images. I […]

Carnival Guy with Cigar

Sorry I’m so slow getting today’s photo posted, I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours in bed fighting a bug. I’m feeling much better now so here’s another shot […]


My buddy Roman who I ran into (he’s ok) at the Braves Game a couple of weeks ago. You can see a reflection of me in his sunglasses.


The gravitron is the last ride I ever went on at a county fair. That day I learned that I get motion sick on closed rides. I don’t have a […]

Water Gun Fun

Saturday night I went to the Gwinnett County Fair to scout out the grounds for a photowalk next week. This is one of the grab shots I got while walking […]

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Argiope aurantia, the Black and Yellow Garden Spider or the Writing Spider. I found this critter in my yard on Saturday evening, and didn’t get a chance to photograph her […]

Frozen Lemonade

At the Yellow Daisy Festival on Saturday we bought my son a frozen lemonade. He loved it, and is seen here trying to scoop out every last drop.

White Flowers

One of these days I’m going to start learning the names of these flowers that I love to photograph. But then again, I rose by any other name… seems to […]

Grady Girl

This past Saturday, I participated in Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. Atlanta was one of 180 or so cities around the world that held photo walks on Saturday. I […]


This weekend we took my son Spencer out on Lake Burton. He loved the boat ride, and really enjoyed getting in the lake and splashing around.

Berry Picking Monkey

My son Spencer, picking blackberries. He quite enjoyed picking them, and squishing them This was shot throught the blackberry vines. I removed some of the branches near his face with […]

My Girls Picking Berries

My daughter, my wife, and my wife’s aunt and cousin in the background. We went picking blackberries at a farm in Rabun Gap. This was shot with my camera resting […]

Tallulah River I

I finally got a chance to get out and shoot this weekend. This is a shot of the Tallulah River in North Georgia.

Crow Creek Fungi

Another image with wonky focus that was made better by the orton effect. I shot this on the banks of Crow Creek when I was out shooting the waterfalls there […]

Pink Azalea

Sadly, I haven’t had much opportunity to get out and shoot lately. The rare opportunity I’ve had this past month we’ve had creativity stifling heat. I’ve been working through some […]

Shadow Chaser

My son loves to play games with his shadow. Mostly peek-a-boo. But when there’s enough room, a nice game of tag works too.

Red Day Lily

I just can’t get enough of this effect. I’m sure many of you will get tired of it before I do.   Submitted to Photo Friday for the September 19, […]