Bubble Beard

Bubble Beard

This is my son taking a bath last night. He was having a lot of fun with the bubbles. The "bubble beard" was actually created when he would lay down in the bath with just his face sticking out of the water. The bubbles stuck to his face when he would sit up.

I don’t often post photos of people, mainly because I have a hard time being creative when photographing people. Sometimes though, I get lucky and get a cool shot like this. I really need to work on photographig people.

3 thoughts on “Bubble Beard

  1. You really captured that innocence of childhood here. And of course the subject is adorable. I love how his blue eyes pop out at you.

  2. Marcus! I really hope you do more of these, its so refreshing to see a face on your website, i think its your first ever! LOVE this photo btw, he is beautiful. Amazing photo, needs to be framed.

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